Chapter Leadership

Leadership is one of those qualities that many possess, but it takes time to dig deep enough to find. As a leader of Pi Beta Phi, one must always be aware of how they present themselves as well as know how to lead by example. One of the most important parts of leading, is learning how to be a servant leader. As a servant leader, one must put all others before themselves and learn to lead through their peers. This has been a task that many have struggled with, but it is extremely important to the success of the chapter as well as the individual members. As a member of the Executive Board of Pi Beta Phi, I have found it beneficial to learn how to connect with members on an individual level. Recognizing as members as possible for their individual strengths aids in building a stronger and more united chapter. It is such an honor to be a leader of The Ohio Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi and I look forward to even more enriching experiences as I continue my term as Chapter President.

                                                              - Jordan Dye, Chapter President 2018/2019 Term