"Where do I even begin? Pi Phi is home. I remember walking in the second day of recruitment and smelling the same candle my mom burns and laughing because I knew right away this was the place I felt most comfortable. This is the place I can grow to be my best. These girls would make me feel like my family did. Knowing I could be provided the same support that I receive at home was amazing. Pi Phi is made up of unconditional love and true friendship and to me that is something really special. I wouldn't have it any other way."  -Logan Moore, Ohio Alpha 

"Three years ago I came to Ohio University not knowing a single person and I hadn't found my place here for the first few weeks of school. When I walked through the doors of Pi Phi I knew I was home. I've laughed harder than I ever thought I could with the friends I've made through Pi Phi and I wouldn't trade these past years with them for anything."    -Jennie Pagliuca, Ohio Alpha